Top 10 Gifts for Artists

gifts love_god_and_your_neighbor by Amy BurtonBy Alina Bradford

Image by Amy Burton

No matter if you are looking for a gift for an artist or are looking for gifts to add to your birthday or Christmas wish list, this list will give you some great inspiration.

Drawing Tools for Artistic Gifts

Most artist love presents that they can’t wait to try out. If your artist loves to draw, there are plenty of new products on the market that will excite the artistic muse.

If you know an artist that loves to use markers, then Strathmore’s new Marker Paper is the perfect artist gift. It is made from 100% cotton that resists feathering and bleeding, no matter how heavy the layers of marker.

Because paper just may not be enough, why not add a packet of Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Markers? These markers have a super fine tip on one end and a wide, wedge tip on the other end, so you are really giving two types of marker for one price.

If your artist is a budding Manga cartoonist, then a Prismacolor Manga Pencil Set may be what they want under the tree. The set includes Prismacolor colored pencils. 18 of these pencils are Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and the other five are Verithin colored pencils, which work great for fine detail drawings. What makes this colored pencil set perfect for Manga cartoonists? The set’s color selection was specifically chosen to include shades that are commonly found in Manga cartoons.

Art Books for the Artist that Loves to Read

Art books go beyond how-to guides. These books are art-focused in an unusual way.

Art: The DefinitiveVisual Guide by Dorling Kindersley is a massive tome of almost anything you every wanted to know about famous works of art throughout history.

When Walls BecomeDoorways by Tobi Zausner, PH.D. helps artists turn tragedy into creativity that can be piped into their art. This would be a great gift for those that are suffering from a loss.

Know someone looking for a career in a down economy? Creative Careers by Elaina Loveland helps creative types find careers that encourage creativity and artistic skills.

What happens to art when an artist dies? That’s what Life is Short, Art is Long by MichaelMendelsohn tries to help artists figure out. Mendelsohn guides readers through legal considerations for artiststo ensure that artwork will live on after the death of the creator.


Gifts for Painters

Even if you don’t know what colors or brush types a painter uses, you can still get them a helpful gift.

Good lighting while painting is essential no matter what medium an artist uses. The new Daylight Clip-On Studio Lampclamps onto, well anything and provides good light for accurate color rendering.

Pina Zangaro BambooScrewpost portfolio books offer a green solution for protecting and showing off artworks, which every artist will appreciate. The bamboo cover is hard, so the artwork stored inside isn’t damaged during transport and bamboo is a renewable resource that is biodegradable.

No matter who your artist is, use these artistic gift ideas to make your creative type happy.