Time Saving Tips for the Art Studio

By Alina Bradford

get organizedIf you aren’t a full-time artist then you may find that time in your art studio is limited. The best way to increase your painting or drawing time is to decrease you prep time when it comes to readying your art supplies.

Don’t Cut Your Own Watercolor Paper

Many artists like to buy large sheets of watercolor paper and then cut it to the right frame size. Some artists believe they have no choice because they think that watercolor paper doesn’t come in sizes that will fit frames. While this has been true in the past, modern artists can save time by buying pre-cut paper. Strathmore Ready Cut Watercolor paper, ¬†for example, comes 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes.

Use a Taboret

An artist taboret is a small table that is used to store art supplies within arm’s reach of the canvas. If your art studio doesn’t already include one, you should give it a try. Use it to store only the art supplies that you use most often, that way you will spend less time rummaging for items and more time painting or drawing. Many taborets come with wheels so that you can quickly move it around your studio to wherever you need it.

Organize Colored Pencils

Avid colored pencil artists can find that they spend more time looking for the right shade of pencil than actually creating colored pencil art. Try gathering several paper or plastic cups and hot gluing them to a board to create a pencil organizer. Fill each cup with colored pencils of a certain color family. This will make finding the right color much easier.

Flat Storage for Art Paper

Art paper can be hard to organize, especially if the papers are small. Save time looking for the perfect paper by organizing them well. Laying the art papers flat in a filing cabinet drawer can be the perfect solution. Filing cabinets can accommodate paper as big as a 12″ wide and different types of papers can be stored in separate drawers. You can find inexpensive filing cabinets at thrift stores and flea markets.


With these time saving tips for your art studio you will be able to create more artwork and enjoy your process more. It all comes down to organizing your art studio well and using products that allow you to grab your art supplies and create.