Papershow the New Digital Drawing Tool

Papershow is a digital drawing tool designed for business meetings, but it can be a handy tool for artists, as well.

Artists that like using a Wacom pad because of its digital immediacy or hate using a Wacom pad because of its stiff feel and learning curve will love Papershow as a sketching tool. It works much like a Wacom pad but has several benefits that many artists will appreciate.

What is Papershow?

Papershow is a plug-and-play paper-to-computer system for digitizing drawn data. A Bluetooth pen sends information from the paper and it appears on digital paper called a whiteboard.

The system requires a special grid-type paper to draw on. Each piece of this paper has a printed menu on the right-hand side. This menu has Paintshop-like options that the pen can touch and then use on the grid part of the paper.

For example, if the artist wants to change from a fine-tip pen to a marker, the artist would tap the pen on the picture of the marker in the menu. The pen would then start making marker-width marks on the whiteboard.

Benefits of Papershow

So, what are Papershow’s benefits over a Wacom pad?

First, the artist gets a tactile quality that Wacom can’t match. The artist is drawing on real paper with a real pen.

That’s right.

The pen actually makes marks on the paper. So, artists who can’t overcome the need to watch their hand while they draw will love this feature. The artist can see what they are drawing without looking at a computer screen.

Second, the bold, clear lines that Papershow makes is great for comic artists and illustrators. It can also perform straight lines and filled-in shapes with a tap of the pen on the paper menu.


There are some significant drawbacks to Papershow. The artist isn’t able to blend colors or perform painterly strokes. It is a pen and performs like a pen with fine to wide marks.

Purchasing Information

The Papershow starter kit costs $199.99 and comes with one Papershow Bluetooth digital pen, a AAA battery, three ink refills, one Papershow A4 notepad, eight silicon rings, a Papershow Bluetooth USB, 30 sheets of Papershow printer paper, ring binder and a pencil case for storing the Papershow pen, USB and other accessories. It can be bought at

Papershow is a tool that can be handy for any artist that needs to take their sketches from paper to digital without scanning.