How to Make an Online Art Portfolio

man-showing-portfolio-1000081-mEvery artist needs an online portfolio to showcase her talent to potential clients. Here is how to build a simple, free and easy-to-maintain portfolio.

Things You’ll Need:
• A Photobucket account
• Digital images of your art
1. Step 1
Create a Photobucket account at Photobucket is a free image-upload site.
2. Step 2
Next, go to the tab that says “create slide show.” Add your images to the slide show. Put images that are alike or that have similar colors together.
3. Step 3
Make a note of the web address for your slide show. Photobucket will give you an HTML address, a direct link, address, and an email and IM address for your slide show to use in different situations, as well as an IMG code.
4. Step 4
Test the slideshow to make sure it looks the way you want it to.
5. Step 5
Now you have a handy portfolio that you can link to when someone asks you to email them samples of your work.