How to Draw 3-Dimensional Buildings

By Alina Bradford

These concepts are simple to master with a little practice. Here is an overview of one-point perspective and a step-by-step tutorial of how to use it to create three-dimensional buildings.

One-Point Perspective 

how to draw perspectiveOne-point perspective is where the artist draws a three-dimensional image using a vanishing point, horizon line, and orthogonal lines. To make this concept clearer, take a look at the demo picture. 

The vanishing point is the area of the image that is farthest away. In many one-point perspective drawings the subject vanishes as it gets farther away, such as a drawing of a road that gets smaller and smaller until it disappears. Where the subject disappears is called the horizon line. The invisible lines radiating from the vanishing point are called orthogonal lines. 

Drawing a Building 


drawing a house in perspective 1The artist can apply this concept when drawing buildings. Take a look at Demo Picture One. The horizon line is high on the page and the vanishing point is the black dot on the right. The artist can choose these points depending on where they want the building to be. 

The roofline is created by drawing a line on one of the orthogonal lines. The artist can make their own orthogonal lines by drawing an X through the vanishing point, then dividing the area of the X into halves by drawing straight lines through the center of the X. 

drawing a building in perspective 2Next, a line is drawn straight down from the roofline and another is drawn from the vanishing point. Then a line is drawn parallel to the roofline to connect the two vertical lines. See Demo Picture Two. 

To create the side of the building, a line is drawn from the roofline to an orthogonal line. A vertical line is then drawn from this side roofline. The line is shorter than the line for the front corner of the building. The two vertical lines are connected with a line that is a mirror image of the side roofline. See Demo Picture Three for an example. 

Drawing Windows and Doors 

drawing a house in perspective 3Drawing windows and doors in a perspective that matches the building is simple. Lines are drawn parallel to the roofline and the floor line. The windows and doors are drawn to follow these lines. See Demo Picture Four for an example. 

Using these simple techniques, a variety of building types can be drawn.

drawing windows in a house in perspective

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