How to Find Time to Paint and Draw

old-clock-1429258-mThink you don’t have the time to get better at painting or drawing? This article shows you how to grow as an artist when you really don’t have time.

Free time to paint. Free time to draw. Wouldn’t it be nice? If only your life wasn’t so busy…

Stop wishing and make time! The best artists aren’t the ones who have all day to create. The best artists are the ones who have learned to find inspiration in everyday life, and then crams that inspiration into bits of time stolen from life. Many artist even thrive on time crunches!

This article is going to show you how. So, throw away your excuses, and keep reading.


Bits of time to create are like clockwork. They come every day. You just have to identify them.

Take a second to think about your day. Do you have little bits of time where you are unable to do anything useful? (Texting you bff or surfing the web on your cell doesn’t count.) In those little moments you can make a lot of headway in your artistic life.

For example you can create while:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Riding on public transportation
  • Eating lunch
  • Watching you kids play at the park
  • Downtime at work (like while waiting for a document to print)
  • You watch TV with your spouse
  • You sit in a traffic jam


How do you make these bits of time worthwhile? Always carry a sketchbook with you. To get better at drawing you must draw, and to get better at painting you must better your drawing skills. Sketching is the answer to both needs.

During these bits of time in your life, sketch what inspires you. Look at everything. Always keep your eyes open for new ideas.  You may not want to sketch that lady on the subway, but what about the folds of her clothing? You may yearn to sketch a beautiful beach landscape, but you may find interest in the local sandbox. A traffic jam may seem dull, with nothing artistic to sketch, but take an extra look. How about sketching the reflections of the sky in the chrome bumper in front of you? Or the child peering out his window?