Earth Friendly Art Supplies for Artists

By Alina Bradford

Pens, Pencils, Markers, Paints and More Perfect for Earth Day

Recycled art
Recycle sign by Ivan Prole.

There are more earth friendly resources than ever for the green artist thanks to environmentally responsible art supplies. Art supply companies have come out with green paints, pencils, pens, markers, papers and more that makes it easy to be eco-friendly on Earth Day and all-year-round.

Environmentally Sound Pencils and Pens

When an artist throws away a mechanical pencil or pen it may stay in the landfill for centuries before it wastes away, according to an article by Scientific American. This plastic can also leach chemicals into groundwater systems as it sits in the landfill, possibly contaminating drinking water.

The solution? Buying mechanical pencils and pens made from biodegradable materials. Paper Mate, for example, has come out with a line of pens and pencils made from corn materials that will breakdown in the soil within a year’s time.

Pilot also offers a line of pens that are made from 89.2% recycled content, which also reduces waste in landfills.

Green Art Paper

Using paper may seem like a counterproductive way to help the Earth, but with the new, Earth friendly papers that are being produced today, there’s no need for guilt.

  • strathmore windpower_sketch padStrathmore Papers offers a line of drawing and watercolor papers that are made using wind power, recycled materials and alternative, renewable fibers such as hemp and cotton.
  • Canson offers 100% recycled field sketchbooks that contain 10% post consumer waste. These sketchbooks are also acid-free and chlorine-free.
  • Thai Mango Papers are made from pulp that is harvested mulberry trees and Kozo plants, which are both sustainably-grown.
  • Bienfang Bristol Board Pads come in stacks of 20 and feature 50% recycled fiber that is acid-free.
  • Fabriano Ecological Artist Drawing Pads and Rolls are made with 100% recycled paper that comes from100% post-consumer fiber using over 50% hydroelectric power. According to the manufacturer, 80 pads of Fabriano paper save one tree.
  • Aquabee Bogus Sketch Pads are made from biodegradable, chemical-free, 100% post-consumer waste.

Eco Friendly Paints, Inks and Mediums

Weber wOil Water Mixable Artist Oil ColorsThe ultimate Earth-friendly paint may be homemade watercolors. If an artist doesn’t have the inclination to make homemade paints, there are many eco-paints on the market.

  • Weber wOil Water Mixable Artist Oil Colors are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.
  • Chroma Green Series Tempera Paints are made using recycled water and pigments, 25% less energy and non-toxic materials.
  • Tri-Art Sludge Gesso is produced in a ecologically responsible factory that recaptures 100% of the 
    acrylic waste pigments made during production and reuses them so there is little waste and no water pollution from their plant.
  • Akua Intaglio creates soy-based permanent inks that are a non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Being good to the environment is a piece of cake using these green art supplies. To learn how to make your own earth-friendly art supplies, read Art Questions Answered’s book: Almost Free Art Supplies.

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