The Best Holiday Gifts for Artists: Great Present Ideas for Beginners and Advanced Artists

By Alina Bradford

holiday present for an artistNo matter the style or medium of the artist, no holiday gift is as welcomed as a gift of the art.

The key to finding and giving a good art related gift is doing some snooping around the artist’s work area or studio. Take notes of what kind of medium the artist uses. Once that’s done, scan through this list of the best holiday gift ideas for artists to find the perfect gift.

Art Gifts for Kids

Have a budding artist in the family? One of these gifts would be perfect:

  • General Pencil Cartoon Kits- There’s no doubt that every young artist has seen at least one Pixar movie. That’s why this Christmas gift is going to be a hit. Story Artist/Animator from PIXAR Studios, Matthew Luhn, has created two how-to cartooning kits that contain everything a cartoonist needs to get started.  These kits are available at
  • Faber-Castell’s Getting Started Kits- Faber-Castell has come up with several kits that helps a new artist get acquainted with mixed media, drawing, cartooning, watercolor and more.  These kits can be purchased at a local art store or at
  • Blick Kid’s Easel– Every artist needs a sturdy easel, and this one is perfect for tiny artists. It includes two work surfaces, large trays for paints, crayons, pastels or markers and a strong wood construction.

Art Gifts For Adult Artists

Don’t know what to get the artist who seems to have everything? Try these gifts:

  • Virtual Pose 3 and/or Comic Artist’s Photo Reference books- These books are essential to artist who draw or paint the human form. Virtual Pose 3 is great for artists who create general forms of art and Comic Artist Photo Reference books are great for concept and comic artists. These books can be found at most large retail book stores and online bookstores such as
  • Daylight Easel Lamp– Using natural light to paint with is important for getting true colors. This light mimics daylight and will clip on most easels.
  • DesignMaster™ Projector – Projectors are used by artists to enlarge sketches and photos onto their canvas. This art projector comes with a vertical stand that clamps onto work surfaces.  Theses projectors can be purchased at most fine art stores.

Artist Stocking Stuffers

Need last minute gift ideas for stocking stuffers? Try these:

  • Soft-Clips (the item in the picture to the right) are reusable clips that are for reshaping watercolor or oil flat brushes up to one-inch wide. You can purchase Soft-Clips at
  • Quick-Fix Battery Powered Eraser– This eraser makes getting rid of mistakes quick and easy. A good gift for artists who like to draw or colored pencil artists. It can be purchased at
  • Strathmore Artist Trading Card Set with BoxArtist trading cards have become a world-wide phenomenon. This set includes different types of cards and a box to hold them.

These gifts will bring a smile to most artists, no matter the medium.