Achieving your Artistic Goals

How to reach you artistic goals with simple planning and the benefits of goals.

desert-road-1443906-mWhat do you want out of your art?

When an artist finds himself in a slump it is probably because that question was never answered.  The answer is the beginning of a goal. Goals keep you on track, keep you focused, and the benefits are huge.

5 Benefits of Setting Artistic Goals

The benefits of setting artistic goals are endless, but, to save time, we’re going to sum them up in this list.

  1. You are more focused.
  2. It is easier to remember why you are doing what you do.
  3. You follow your dreams, not someone else’s.
  4. You will do better financially.
  5. You’ll work harder and smarter.

How to Set Artistic Goals

To find your own personal goals, answer the questions below, then look at the corresponding how-to, below. Make sure to write all of your answers and thoughts down in a safe place.

  1. Do you want to make money from your art?
  2. Do you have a certain look, feel, or emotion you want to convey in your art?
  3. What makes you happy about your art?
  4. What medium do you want to master one day?
  5. When you envision the future, what are you (hopefully) doing with your art? Are you showing in art galleries? Are you traveling to art shows? Do you have your own studio?

The Goal How-To

  1. Getting closer to making the money you want.

Do you want to make money from your art? Then set a goal! Decide on a monetary figure that you want to make in a month, then figure out how you will reach it. Will you sell prints through your website? Sell painting through networking? Do computer art for websites and businesses? Brainstorm as many ideas as you can, then pick the ones you like best.


  1. Achieving a style.

If you had any answers for number two, than you are developing a certain style. Keeping to a certain style is important. When people see your work you want them to say, “Hey, that’s by (your name here).”


If you didn’t have an answer, take a long hard look at your work. Is there a common thread?


  1. Making you feel happier.

You will feel more secure and happy knowing are doing what makes you happy. Sometimes in the stress of life we forget what makes us happy. Write down what makes you happy and make it a goal to try to do it on a regular basis.


  1. Getting focused on perfection.

Selecting one medium at a time to master is smart. With this goal you know what you want your art to become, so you can actively work on not getting distracted by other mediums.


  1. Your future in the making.

Dreaming about where you want to be in five years can help you take the steps to get there. Write down where you want to be in five years, ten years, and twenty years.


So now that you know the benefits of setting artistic goals isn’t it time that you got out a notebook and started your artistic goal planning? An amazing future in the arts awaits!