31 Creative Drawing Ideas

A Month’s Worth of Drawing Ideas By Alina Bradford

creativeSometimes an artist just needs to produce art to hone their skills. The hard part is coming up with drawing ideas. This list will keep an artist busy for a whole month.

The creative ideas are divided up into four weeks plus three extra days to equal 31 drawing ideas. Each week covers a different theme. Feel free to print out the list and randomly jump from one idea to another. Make sure to mark each used drawing idea off the list. Each drawing exercise should be completed in a sketchbook. Carry the sketchbook and a few drawing supplies everywhere throughout the day to capture the objective by observing. Week One: The Human Body   Man Lost in ThoughtThe human body can be one of the hardest things to draw. The best way to master it is by breaking it down into manageable bits.

  1. Sketch four different types of hairdos. See if you can find a beehive, curls, a mohawk and braids.
  2. Observe and sketch hands of different ages and positions.
  3. Hands are so yesterday; sketch feet today.
  4. Think ears are all the same? Draw at least five ears from five different people.
  5. Practice drawing in perspective by sketching legs in sitting positions.
  6. Not all faces are oval. Practice drawing face shapes today. Look for oval, square, inverted triangle and rectangular faces.
  7. Know how to make a blond a blond and a brunette a brunette without adding color? Practice your skills by using different tones.

Week Two: Common Items   shaker clip artCommon items can be turned into amazing drawing if they are done with an eye for composition.

  1. Draw three pieces of silverware arranged in a pleasing composition.
  2. Draw a favorite coffee cup or tea cup at several different perspectives.
  3. Draw dinner, lunch or breakfast before and while eating it.
  4. Walk around the house or office and randomly gather five objects. Arrange them and draw them.
  5. Draw items on a desk or kitchen cabinet. Zoom in and draw the objects close up and then again far away.
  6. Go for a walk and draw whatever is in the ditch or gutter.
  7. Draw three pairs of shoes.

Week Three: Folds

How to draw clothing by Andrew Loomis.
How to draw clothing by Andrew Loomis.

Drawing folds in clothing and fabric are difficult without practice. Try these drawing exercises:

  • Sketch a shirt or jacket hanging on a hanger.
  • Throw a sheet or blanket onto a chair or bed and draw it.
  • Go into a favorite clothing store and draw a mannequin wearing an outfit.
  • Find a flag and draw it either waving in the wind or stationary or both.
  • Find a ruffle on a blouse, a baby’s dress or tablecloth, for example, and draw it.
  • Sketch a shirt, pants or a dress while the wearer is in sitting, standing, and walking.
  • Make a paper airplane or paper fan and draw it.

To learn more about drawing clothing see our guide How to Draw Clothing. Week Four: Nature   leaf sketchPracticing drawing nature can help with landscape problems down the road.

  1. Go for a walk and collect a rock, a leaf and a flower. Arrange them and draw them as a still life.
  2. Draw a cloud.
  3. Draw a deciduous tree and an evergreen tree.
  4. Draw a flower from three different angles.
  5. Draw a horizon.
  6. Draw a wild animal such as a bird, raccoon, mouse or fish.
  7. Draw a body of water such as a lake, pond, river, steam, fountain or mud puddle.

Last Three Days: Combine Skills Since these are the last three days of the month, it is time to challenge newly honed skills.

  • Use what was learned in Week One and Three to draw someone you know.
  • Use what was learned in Week Two and Three to draw a still life of some common objects places on fabric.
  • Use what was learned in Week Four and create a landscape on a scrapbook page.

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