20 Sketching Ideas for Artists

Creative Prompts for Daily Drawings

By Alina Bradford

Pen Caddy Sketch

No matter if the artist is doing a sketch-a-day challenge or just wants to sketch more often to improve drawing skills, the artist is going to need some creative prompts for sketching ideas. Luckily, sketching subjects can be found just about anywhere. The artist’s home, common objects and the people and places in a hometown can all be inspiration, even for advanced artists who think they’ve drawn everything.

Sketching Around the House

Something as simple as the artist’s home can inspire a wide range of sketching ideas. The artist just needs to look at the things in the home in a new way.

  • forks image still lifeSketch each part of the body individually. Start with the eyes and work down to the toes.
  • Sketch each book on a bookshelf.
  • Open a drawer and sketch the contents.
  • Look into a trashcan and draw the contents.
  • Draw your sketching supplies.
  • Sketch every houseplant in the home.
  • Draw a stack of junk mail.

Town Sketching

Getting out of the house can inspire new ideas for art. Here are some examples:

  • While at church or temple, sketch the people around you as you absorb the sermon.
  • Go to a floral shop every day for a week and sketch a different flower during each visit.
  • Go to the park every day for a week and sketch a different tree during each visit.
  • Visit a recycling center or junk yard. Sketch the interesting shapes found there.
  • Sit at a coffee shop and sketch the people there.
  • While at the coffee shop, sketch the items on the table.
  • Sketch a historical local building, or maybe just the sculptures around it.

Advanced Sketching Ideas

drink clip artSome skillful artists can get bored with sketching items and people. These artists need sketching ideas for advanced artists.

  • Sketch the reflections of light off of the liquid and ice in a glass of ice tea.
  • Sketch a drop of water splashing into a puddle.
  • Go to the beach or grab a reference photo and sketch the ocean’s waves.
  • Arrange several glass items and sketch how the transparent items overlap.
  • Draw a micro image by only focusing on an object up-close. This, more than likely, will create an abstract drawing of the object.
  • Fill a sink with hot water and soap bubbles. Draw the result.

These sketching ideas will keep beginners and advanced artists busily sketching for almost a months and may even inspire new ideas down the road. Most of all, these ideas will train the artist to look at everything around them as possible art.

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