10 Ways to Protect and Store Art Supplies

By Alina Bradford

protecting art suppliesStoring your art supplies can be a pain. If you don’t store them correctly they can get unusable. If you store them too well they aren’t easily accessible. Don’t worry. There are some creative solutions that you can use in your art studio that keep supplies safe and easy to use. Here are 10, low-cost art supply storage and safety tips:

  1. Do not leave you painting supplies in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes at a time. Bring an umbrella if you are painting outside.
  2. Keep pastels out of moist environments. Storing them in shallow containers full of rice is the best solution. The rice will absorb moisture, keep the pastels from rolling around and cushions them from impacts.
  3. Watercolor and pastel paper are best stored flat to avoid warping. Clipping the paper to a homemade clothesline, though, uses gravity to keep the paper flat and saves space in your art studio.
  4. storing paint in fast food containersPaint can be stored in plastic tubs to prevent them from drying out. Take advantage of reusable fast food containers available at places like KFC and Taco Cabana. You get a handy paint container that is just the right size and food; you can’t get any better than that.
  5. Sketching pencils and brushes can be stored in a brush organizer that rolls up and ties. For instructions on making this inexpensive cloth brush holder by Jenny Kennedy-Olsenholder see: How to Make a Cloth Brush Holder.
  6. An egg carton can be used to organize small pieces of pastel sticks. Each cup can be used for a different color.
  7. Always store paint in a room that is no colder than 32F degrees. 
  8. A ball of non-drying play clay can be used to hold your pencils on your desk or art table so they don’t roll off. Simply stick them into the clay pin cushion style.
  9. homemade pencil holderA tool box or fishing tackle box is perfect for carrying painting supplies from one location to the next.
  10. Old jars with lids are a good place to store linseed oil and turpentine. Just make sure to label each jar to avoid confusion. A strip of masking tape makes a good label for art containers. Just right on it with a marker.

If you like the idea of low-cost storage tips like these, then you’ll love Art Questions Answered’s ebook Almost Free Art Supplies.

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