10 Creative Autumn Drawing Ideas

A Season of Creativity

By Alina Bradford

Orange Fall by Alina Bradford
Orange Fall by Alina Bradford

Autumn provides a great range of subjects for the creative artist. You just have to know where to look.

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, you may feel a lack of creativity in your drawing. Autumn isn‘t as boring as some think it is. If you look around, many things are happening that just beg to be sketched. Don‘t miss out!

Here is a list of things that you should get in your sketchbook before they fade away into winter.

Fall Events

September, October, and November have some of the most interesting events of the year. Don‘t let them pass without being drawn.

  • Back-to-school: Draw kids at the bus stop, shopping for school supplies, or kissing mom good-bye.
  • Carnivals: Take note of the colors, the shapes of the rides, the faces of the people enjoying cotton candy and caramel apples.
  • County fairs: Sketch the animals and their trainers, the jars of prize winning jellies, blue ribbon quilts, and the owners.
  • Halloween: Draw jack-o-lanterns, children trick-or-treating, haunted houses, corn mazes, and costume parties.
  • Thanksgiving: Fill your sketchbook with turkeys (roasted or not), pies, a loved one saying grace, your grandmother‘s china, and the happy faces of family and friends.

Autumn Scenes

Autumn is the time the earth gives us one final blast of color before the gray cold takes over. Grab some colored pencils and get the scenes down before it goes cold.

  • Trees: Take a walk, drive, or hike and find the most colorful trees you can to sketch. Maples, oaks, and elms are all good choices.
  • Fields: If you lives near farms, go take a look at the fields. Corn is turning brown, wheat is turning gold, grasses are turning yellow, red, and cream.
  • Gardens: Even flower beds are presenting one last show. At this time of year flowers produce all kinds of colorful, oddly shaped seedpods.

Fall People

Girl at park coloredPeople change as the weather changes. Make sure you take notice for art‘s sake.

  • Babies and Children: Frilly sun dresses and cute little shorts will disappear and be replaced by miniature jackets and tiny long sleeved shirts. Draw these cuddly clad kiddos.
  • Adults: Draw the interesting folds of jackets, sweaters, and other new Fall-wear. Draw you neighbors raking the yard, cleaning gutters, and storing Summer stuff. Note how many older people rub their joints.

In general, keep an eye out for things that appear as Autumn comes and goes. You‘ll find plenty to keep you inspired and busy.

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