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Where to Find Work for Artists

May 30, 2014

Get an Online Job

By Alina Bradford 

Artists just starting out in illustration, graphic arts, conceptual art or fine art, can find a job using several helpful websites.

The key to finding online jobs for artists is avoiding the big corporate job sites. Instead, the artist should find forums and job boards designed specifically for artists. Unfortunately, these types of sites are hard to find. Not to worry, though. Here are some of the best free sites on the web for finding full-time, part-time or freelance employment.

Ever thought about getting a job with the US government? With this website you can search for art jobs offered under government contracts. Amazingly, there are several calls for artists no matter what time of the year you check this site. is a hub for artists to communicate and share their work. The site also has a special section devoted
entirely to job hunting. Artist job hunters can browse jobs by using the search function or by choosing their specialty in graphic design, illustration, fine art, fashion design, animation and more. The best feature of the site is that it automatically finds jobs that fit with the user’s location. is a website devoted to concept artists. The site hosts weekly competitions, offers art critiques and hosts tutorials done by members. Its job listings are posted in forum style. People interested in the jobs can post questions before applying. The types of employers posting here are looking for gaming artists, 3D modelers, animators and more.

A note of caution, though. Unprofessional complaints about a posting’s pay is not tolerated and the user may be banned from the site. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when posting to any job site is to stay professional at all times. is a site exclusively for gaming and video visual artists. Users can post resumes, look for jobs on the regularly updated job board and create a “job agent” that will automatically email you job links that fit your selected criteria.

Incredible Job Search 

Incredible Job Search helps people who want to be art teachers find jobs. There are listings for both the United States and countries around the world. includes a classified section in their forums that is updated with new jobs regularly. Posters can ask questions and start a dialog with the employer to get a better feel for the person. The site covers all genres of art, so every artist should be able to find something listed in their specialty


If you’ve never heard of Craigslist, let me enlighten you. It is a great place to find local and national openings for artists. You can choose your city, click on what profession you want to apply for, and the site will give you ads for just what you were looking for. To reply to the ad, simply click on the Craigslist email address at the top.

Creative Hotlist 

This site is for all creative types. After free registration, you can search for jobs all over the U.S. with ease. You can also post your resume and portfolio for job posters to see.

All Graphic Design 

All Graphic Design is just what it claims to be: jobs for graphic design. Beware, though. There is a lot of spam on this site.

Get a 

Get a is a great place to bid on freelance jobs. This site mostly caters to the very computer savvy artist, such as web designers, computer illustrators, and graphic designers.


If you yearn for Hollywood this is the site for you. The site immerses you in posts searching for artist who want to work on the big screen.

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