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How to Sell Your Art Using Facebook

May 30, 2014

By Alina Bradford

To sell your art it has to be seen first. What better way to attract attention than by showing off your talents on a social media site that has more than 500 million active users? 

Build an Online Art Portfolio

If you haven’t already built an online art portfolio, then now’s the time. Upload digital images of your paintings, drawings and collages to the photo section of your account and make sure to click on the “Everyone” option so that everyone who views your profile can view your art.

While you’re at it, make your profile viewable to everyone, not just your friends. If you’re worried about personal information make a second account that is just for showing off your work and include only an email address as contact information.

Whenever you post a new painting or drawing to your profile, make sure to post it to your wall so that all of your friends can see it right away and comment. Also, let your friends know that you’d love it if they would post works they really like to their own wall.

Creative Photo Tagging for Art

If you know how to tag photos on Facebook, you’re already half way to selling your art, or at least getting a lot more attention for your pieces.

On the new Facebook profiles, pictures that have been tagged with your name will appear on your profile page. You can make sure that new visitors are always greeted with your art by tagging each image you upload with your name.

Some artists will tag newly uploaded artwork with the names of their Facebook friends. This sends an alert to the friend that they have been tagged in a photo. Naturally, the friend will click on the link to see the photo. While this strategy does tend to get your artwork looked at, and even critiqued, it can be iffy. Some people won’t like being tagged repeatedly, so tread lightly.

Build a Dynamic Profile With a Preview of Your Art Portfolio

Since the revamp of Facebook profiles, artists have been using Photoshop to tweak their profile pages to show off their creative talent with a profile picture hack.  This same trick can be used to display artwork in a creative way. 

Selling your art is all about getting face time with people who want to buy your art. In the virtual world, Facebook is one of the best places to get that time. Make sure you take advantage of your Facebook account today. 

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