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How to Draw SpongeBob

June 9, 2014

SpongeBob Drawing 2By Alina Bradford

Learning how to draw SpongeBob is a simple because he is made up of very basic shapes. His body is a square, his eyes are circles, and his clothes are rectangles. The rest of SpongeBob is simply lines and triangles. Give this little guy a try and you’ll feel like a cartoonist for Nickelodeon in no time. 

How to Draw SpongeBob’s Body 

For SpongeBob SquarePant’s body, follow these directions: 

SpongeBob Drawing 11. Draw a square that is slightly bigger on top than on the bottom. Make sure that your lines are wavy. See the second illustration, below, for an example. 

2. On the bottom of the square, draw a long, narrow rectangle for his shirt. 

3. Draw a slightly larger rectangle below the first for his pants. Make sure that the square, the first rectangle and the second rectangle are all butted up against each other to create the whole body. 

4. Draw two triangles for the shirt collar. 

Drawing Sponge Bobs Body5. Draw a circle between the two triangles. Make sure that the edges of the circle touches the triangles. 

6. From the circle, draw two diagonal lines for the sides of the tie and draw a triangle for the bottom of the tie. 

7. Erase the line of the pants and the top line of the triangle inside the shape of the tie. 

8. Draw two long rectangles on each side of the tie for the belt. 

How to Draw SpongeBob’s Arms and Legs 
SpongeBob’s arms and legs are basically two straight lines. The difficult part is drawing the clothing around them. 

1. Start by drawing an L-shape on each side of his neck for the sleeves. See the third illustration, below, for an example. 

2. Draw two lines coming out of the sleeve for the arm. Repeat this on the other side for the other arm. 
3. Draw a sausage shape for a thumb and three more sausage shapes for fingers. 

4. Make two rectangles that are wider at the bottom and curved for the pants legs. 

5. Draw two lines coming out of the pants legs for legs. 

6. Draw three long rectangle shapes for the tops of his socks. 

7. Draw C-shapes with rectangles at the bottoms for the heels of his shoes. 

8. Draw a curvy M-shape for his foot and another C-shape for each toe of his shoes. 

9. Add a curving line from the rectangle heel to the C-shaped toe to finish the shoe. 

How to Draw SpongeBob’s Face 

Face DrawingLike any cartoon character, SpongeBob’s face can be drawn in a variety of expressions. Here we’ll simple tackle a smiling face. 

1. Draw two large circles that are touching right in the middle of the head. Make sure the eyes take up a large portion of the face. 

2. Draw a smaller circle in each eye with a dot inside each smaller circle. 

3. Draw an upside down U-shape right between the eyes for the nose and C-shapes on either side of the eyes for cheeks. 

4. Dot the cheeks with three black circles for freckles. 

5. Add a wide U-shape for the mouth and cap each side with smaller C-shapes. 

6. Draw two rectangles for teeth on the bottom of the mouth. 

7. Draw a squiggly line under the mouth for his chin. 

Now that you are done with the basics of drawing SpongeBob, feel free to color him or add props.

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