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10 Unusual Art Supplies Every Artist Studio Needs

July 23, 2014

By Alina Bradford

By Anderson Mancini

A well supplied art studio needs more than paints and canvases. There are ten art supplies that are off-beat, but incredibly valuable to artists.
There are times when paint brushes, palettes and other traditional art supplies just aren’t enough to create a professional painting. The artist needs to have a tool kit full of extra paraphernalia for those times when a little creativity will go a long way.

Tweezers to Correct Painting Mistakes

Tweezers are an invaluable tool for removing brush hairs, eyelashes and paint clumps from wet paint without damaging the surrounding areas of the painting. The best type of tweezers for artists is tapered to a 45 degree angle at one end so that a very small area of the tweezers blade touches the painting.

Tweezers can also be used to scratch texture into wet paint. The artist should make sure not to apply too much pressure, though, since tweezers can be sharp and may cut canvas or paper.

Old Toothbrushes for Texture in Paintings

For water-based art, such as watercolor and acrylic, old toothbrushes can add texture to a painting. To use a toothbrush for painting, the artist should load it with paint and then rub a thumb along the bristles. The brush will splatter the canvas with paint. This technique is usually used for adding texture to snow or sand, though it can also be used for any type of greenery.

Baby Food Jars to Save Time and Paint

After spending precious painting time mixing a certain color, the last thing an artist wants is for the color to dry out. The best way to store paint is by putting them in old, clean baby food jars. The jars are see-though, so each color is easily identifiable. For artists that don’t have a baby, old jars can be gotten from Freecycle or Craigslist.
Old Brushes for Masking

Once old paint brushes are splayed, there’s no reason to throw them away. Old paint brushes can be used for painting texture or for adding masking fluid to paintings, since both of these tasks can wear down new brushes very quickly.

Craft Knifes for Watercolor Painters

Craft knives have two major uses to watercolor painters. First, these types of knives can be used to cut away paint to create highlights. Second, craft knives are the perfect cutting tools for creating quarter or half sheets of watercolor paper.
These five tools will round out a well-supplied art studio and will keep the artist prepared for common situations that pop up when painting.

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