The Watercolor Primer: A Guide for Beginners

Watercolor kit

By Alina Bradford Watercolor is known as one of the most versatile painting mediums. It can give you wild, loose, free-style paintings, or detailed, realistic paintings, depending on how you use it. This article will clue you into everything you need to know about watercolor terms, brushwork, paints, and papers. Paper for Watercolor Painting The watercolor paper you use depends on your needs. Here is an overview of papers: Lbs. = pounds. Lbs. defines how thick and durable a paper is. A 300 lb. paper is much more durable than a 100 lb. paper. The higher the number, the more … Continue reading

How Do You Stretch Watercolor Paper?

stretching watercolor paper

By Alina Bradford Learning how to stretch watercolor paper is an important skill for any aspiring watercolorist to learn. Watercolor paper under 250 lbs is always stretched before it is painted on to keep the paper from warping. Warped paper is almost impossible to re-flatten and is difficult to frame. Stretching watercolor paper may take a little extra time, but it’s easy to learn and doesn’t take any special skills. Choosing a Support for Stretching Watercolor Paper The process of stretching watercolor paper usually relies on attaching the paper to a hard support. Most artists will find that a piece … Continue reading

How Do You Make Homemade Watercolor Paper For Environmentally Friendly Artists?

homemade watercolor paper

By Alina Bradford Making homemade watercolor paper from scrap paper has several advantages. First, it is good for the environment. Every time paper is recycled, trees are saved and less garbage takes up space in landfills. Second, it saves money. Watercolor paper made from recycled materials can be expensive. Making paper at home costs pennies per sheet. Third, the artist can customize the sheet to match their needs. The artist can make the paper rough, smooth, tinted or textured. To take advantage of these benefits, follow the directions for making paper, below. Gathering Materials Several items are needed to make … Continue reading

Are There All-Natural Watercolor Alternatives?

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Homemade Paints that Are Safe for the Environment By Alina Bradford Artists don’t need to use chemicals to make beautiful watercolor paintings. Plants can provide vivid colors without the harmful additives that may pollute the water system when they are poured down the drain. All-natural watercolor paints can be made with a simple process. Finding Plants for All-Natural Watercolor Paints There are many common plants that can be used to create all-natural watercolor paints. Here is a list of plants that artists can find in the yard or grocery store and what colors they will produce: Red onion peels: crimson … Continue reading

10 Watercolor Painting Techniques for New Artists

Different Types of Watercolor Techniques.

There are several watercolor painting techniques that every new artist should practice to make their paintings the best they can be. New artists should try these watercolor painting techniques on scrap watercolor paper before you apply them to your own watercolor paintings. Testing them out will help you decide how to incorporate them in landscapes, still life and portraits. Wet and Dry Brush Painting Techniques To create a wide range of textures you need to know how to manipulate the paint. The wetness or dryness of the paint on the brush or paper affects the texture. Here is how to … Continue reading

Tutorial of Skin Tone with a Painting Software

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By Alina Bradford How to Use Photoshop or Corel to Create Realistic Skin Tones Creating realistic skin tones is one of the hardest things to do in any kind of painting, that doesn’t excluded art programs like Photoshop or Corel. For the most part, art programs are similar enough to that you can use this tutorial for no matter what kind you have. Step One I am using just a part of a larger painting so that we can focus on the process. First, I decided what kind of skin tone I wanted my person to have. Forget about classifying … Continue reading



An estimated 2 million Canadians come out to celebrate arts and culture   TORONTO, September 29, 2014 – Over 7,500 free arts and cultural activities in some 873 Canadian cities and town, were hosted by artists and cultural organizations of all types this past weekend during the 5th anniversary Culture Days weekend on September 26, 27 & 28. Giving the public unique and fun opportunities to explore the inner workings of the world of artists and cultural organizations through free, hands-on, behind the scenes and interactive activities, Culture Days has become a highly anticipated event across Canada every year. The … Continue reading

How to Paint on Yupo with Oil Paints

painting on yupo

By Alina Bradford Yupo is a waterproof, synthetic paper that is traditionally used for packaging and advertisement printing. With many artists, though, Yupo has become a canvas for their paintings. While this is a non-traditional support, it is an interesting surface to experiment with oils because the surface is so different from any other type of support. Getting Loose Strokes with Yupo Though Yupo comes in various different weights and strengths, for the most part it is very slippery or silky in texture. The surface has no tooth to grab the paint which results in the paint sliding around on … Continue reading

Oil Painting Terms for New Artists

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By Alina Bradford Oil painting has many terms that need to be learned before picking up a brush. Here are terms and tips you need to know. Value Value is the graduation of a color from light to dark. By varying the values in a painting you can achieve what is called contrast, or the sharp difference between light and dark. Adding contrast to a painting adds depth and interest. To see the difference in value in your subject simply put on sunglasses. Your sunglasses will keep you from seeing the actual color, and leave you with just lights and … Continue reading

University of Richmond Museums Opens Two New Exhibitions at the Joel And Lila Harnett Museum of Art

Andy Warhol

The 2014 Harnett Biennial Of American Prints and Mary Fisher: Messages from My Sketchbook October 28 to December 12, 2014 The 2014 Harnett Biennial of American Prints is the eleventh competitive national exhibition organized by the University of Richmond Museums and is a celebration of contemporary printmaking by artists throughout the United States. The juror, Mary Fisher, artist, author, advocate, and social entrepreneur, selected prints by 45 artists from 24 states from entries submitted by 209 artists. The exhibition is on view from October 28 to December 12, 2014. Fisher is an American designer who has survived AIDS and cancer … Continue reading