Earth Friendly Art Supplies for Artists

By Alina Bradford Pens, Pencils, Markers, Paints and More Perfect for Earth Day There are more earth friendly resources than ever for the green artist thanks to environmentally responsible art supplies. Art supply companies have come out with green paints, pencils, pens, markers, papers and more that makes it easy to be eco-friendly on Earth Day and all-year-round. Environmentally Sound Pencils and Pens When an artist throws away a mechanical pencil or pen it may stay in the landfill for centuries before it wastes away, according to an article by Scientific American. This plastic can also leach chemicals into groundwater … Continue reading

UR Museums and UR School of Law Announce Guantanamo Programs

Janet Hamlin

University Of Richmond Museums and University of Richmond School of Law announce programs in conjunction with the exhibition Janet Hamlin: Sketching Guantanamo Opening on September 11, and on view at the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature, University Museums, through November 21, 2014, is the exhibition Janet Hamlin: Sketching Guantanamo. The University of Richmond Museums and the University of Richmond Law School announce programs in conjunction with the exhibition. The exhibition features a selection of drawings and sketchbooks by artist Janet Hamlin (American, born 1961) who has worked as a courtroom sketch artist at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base tribunals since … Continue reading

Corel Expands AfterShot™ Product Line with New Photo Management App

AfterShot™ 2

New member of the AfterShot family makes RAW conversion and photo management more affordable on Windows Ottawa, ON – September 11, 2014 – Corel’s Photo Editing group is growing its photo software lineup with the introduction of a new member of the Corel® AfterShot™ product family. Based on the power of the recently releasedAfterShot™ Pro 2, Corel now also offers the new AfterShot™ 2 for Windows, giving photo enthusiasts a sophisticated and powerful RAW photo editing and adjustment application at a highly affordable price. “With the launch of AfterShot 2, Corel is addressing three trends. One, enthusiasts today have thousands … Continue reading

Share MTSU President’s Fondness for China at New Photo Exhibit

McPhee Bird's Nest stadium

MURFREESBORO — MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee’s collection of photos from more than a decade of visits to China are the focus of a special exhibit at the university’s Todd Art Gallery Sept. 10-12 to help celebrate MTSU’s Founder’s Day. The free public exhibit, “China: Through the Eyes of an American University President,” is presented by MTSU Arts and features more than 300 digital images and 30 large prints in 14 different categories. The photos commemorate McPhee’s visits to more than 100 Chinese towns, cities and provinces during his tenure as MTSU’s 10th president. The brief campus exhibit will then … Continue reading

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts “In/finite Earth” Coming to MTSU

AJ Kiel
Mix-Up (detail)
Acrylic paint on canvas
Denver, CO

September 16–October 1, 2014 Opening Reception – Monday, September 15, 5–7 p.m. The MTSU Department of Art’s Todd Art Gallery plays host to In/finite Earth September 16-October 1, 2014. The university is participating as one stop on a nationwide tour of artists organized by the VSA to showcase its Emerging Artist Program. This program now in its twelfth year opens its Murfreesboro stay with a reception September 15, 5-7 p.m. The VSA, the International Organization on Arts and Disabilities was founded by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith in 1974 and strives to discover and recognize young artists living with disabilities while … Continue reading

Art Paper Terms and Uses

Art paper

By Alina Bradford Learn How to Find the Right Paper for Your Art Art paper uses and terms defined. Learn the difference between cold and hot press, what lbs. and archival means, and how to pick the right paper for you. Do you still have art from your childhood? Chances are, the art you made so proudly back then is now faded, crackled, and/or torn. The right paper affects how long your art will last and how nice it looks at conception. It is important to understand how the choice of your paper effects your art so that you can … Continue reading

University of Richmond Museums- Minna Citron Exhibition

University Of Richmond Museums opens Minna Citron: The Uncharted Course From Realism to Abstraction On view October 7 through December 7, 2014, in the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art and Print Study Center, is the exhibition Minna Citron: The Uncharted Course From Realism to Abstraction. American artist and printmaker Minna Citron (1896-1991) was at the forefront of major artistic movements of the 20th-century, experimenting with cutting-edge styles and techniques with an often feminist perspective. This retrospective exhibition includes approximately 50 paintings, prints, drawings, and mixed media constructions created during the course of Citron’s 60-year career. Born in 1896 in Newark, New … Continue reading

How to Use Light in Your Artwork

Three Dimensional Ball Image by Alina Bradford

By Alina Bradford The way you light your subject determines if it comes to life or stays flat on the paper. This article will show you how to use light, shadow, and shading when painting or drawing. If you have taken any painting or drawing class you know how important light and shadow can be in your artwork. But if you haven’t taken any classes don’t worry, many who take classes still can’t figure out shading. It’s that complicated. Never fear, though. We are going to break it down in the next few exercises. Exercise 1: Add Light Okay, first … Continue reading

Underpainting Tips from Artist Eric Bossik

Artist Eric Bossik

Need to know the facts about underpainting? Just ask pro Eric Bossik.He is the author the new instructional oil painting e-book, How to Create an Underpainting Like the Old Masters: A Step-By-Step Guide. Here he shares some of his underpainting tips in this interview for Art Questions Answered: Alina Bradford (Q): What is the number one underpainting tip you think every beginning artist should know? Eric Bossik (EB): Well, there aren’t any single tips or magic tricks that will get you where you need to be. Underpainting is a process that involves developing many different skills. The main focus of underpainting is value (dark … Continue reading

Posing Groups for Portrait Paintings

group of people image by Gabriella Fabbri

By Alina Bradford When portrait painting, posing groups of people can create a problem with composition. The trick is to use angles and symmetry to your advantage. Group portrait painting is a challenge for any artist. The subjects need to be arranged so that the composition is pleasing in the finished painting. This can be done by positioning the people in tried and true configurations that have served the masters well over the centuries. Using Angles in Portraits With smaller groups of people, it is easy to just bunch them together and start painting, but a good artist will arrange … Continue reading